Uhhhhhh……No, not that one, just change over time. That’s all we’re gonna study!!!!

Do you think the Geico Caveman is a real caveman, or just a hairy dude with a weird face?

Charles Darwin

AKA, C. Dizzle (not an official moniker)

AKA, Chuck D. (not the Rapper in Public Enemy)

AKA, Charley Deezy FO Sheezy (uhm, just made that one up)

Is LITERALLY the MAN, with the PLAN…

with Natural Selection and Evolution.


Charles Darwin: The Brilliant Plodder | by David Quammen | The New York  Review of Books

Amoeba Sisters – Natural Selection

Below, is the link for the PEPPERED MOTH Website and Simulation. (It is UNDER the picture, LOL)Peppered moth pic


Here is a short video about the Peppered Moths Simulation:

After the Peppered Moth Simulation, check this out:

OK, one more cute little story about the Peppered Moths, LAST ONE…LOL

Now, let’s move on to BIRD BEAKS!!!

Here is an AWESOME video from Cornell University:

The FASTEST animal in the world…SPEED in nature!!!!

The FASTEST animal in the world…SPEED in the big city!!!!

Wow… Super cool video from BBC showing how incredibly STEALTH Barn Owls are while in flight…

Camoflage in Nature!!! You pass by SOOOOO many animals you don’t see, everyday!!!

The Top 10 Animals with AMAZING Camouflage!

How about a simple intro to EVOLUTION, that’s “Stated Clearly”, from…Stated Clearly!

What is the EVIDENCE for EVOLUTION you ask? The Clearly Stated Peeps offer this:

Next, Stated Clearly, Clearly States some good info about NATURAL SELECTION:

If you like the CRASH COURSE guys, here’s a CRASH COURSE on EVOLUTION:


How do new Species get here? Here is a CRASH COURSE on SPECIATION:

Amoeba Sisters – Speciation!

Isolated Habitats, or Reproductive Isolation, either way, check this out:

LIZARDS!!!! Almost exactly like our Chameleon Activities!!!

Homo equals “SAME”, what what does Homologous Mean? Here is a quick-2-min-video to help!

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