Science Process

VARIABLES!!!! We remember, we forget…. LEARN THEM ONCE AND 4 ALL!

Uhm, Can Ants count? #SCIENCEPROCESS

Theory vs. Law – Similar, but VERY different…


–> mOrE wItH Theory vs. Law


Replication, or Repetition? So similar, but DIFFERENT!!!!


Pseudoscience? That is the question….

Bill Nye : Pseudoscience

Here is the “Pigeon Impossible” movie from class on 9/3/15

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Light Energy and Waves

NASA – the Electromagnetic Spectrum

PHET – Waves!!!!

Light – Crash Course “Astromy

Traveling Waves: Crash Course Physics #17

Sound: Crash Course Physics #18

Music: Crash Course Physics #19

Intro to Light – Khan Academy

PHET Waves Demo


Use the settings from the picture above.

Figure out the relationship between Wavelength and Frequency!!!

The link is below:

Speed of Sound vs Speed of Light w/ a (video game) Sniper Rifle: REALLY COOL!!!!

Speed of Sound vs Speed of Light w/ a FiReWoRkS sHoW – pArT 1!!!

Speed of Sound vs Speed of Light w/ a FiReWoRkS sHoW – pArT 2

How fast is Light? – Nasa

What can waves and light do? Let “Bill” tell you here:

What is Color? (W/ Science Girl)

What will colored lasers do when mixed and combined?

How about colored light beams reflecting and refracting in water?

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Energy and Heat

Energy and Heat, Heat and Energy, whatev, they’re the same…well, very similar at least.


Computer, use this:

Phone or Tablet, try this one:

Here is the first video on PE (Potential Energy) and KE 

Potential and Kinetic Energy in SpAcE!!!

Worlds Largest Swing…you SkErReD?

Is this Magic? #myFAVORITEpotentialENERGY

Electricity Generation

If you like movies, and specifically “Hoodwinked”, enjoy this one :

This little (weird) clip will be used for an INB page. Energy transformations are EVERYWHERE, how many can you find?

I’m VERY jealous of this “legit” pendulum:

Work, Energy, and Power…

There is Heat, and specific Heat…..what’s the diff!?

Short and Simple Visual, of the 3 Phases of Matter:

Bill Nye : HEAT!!!!

Bill Nye : PHASES of MATTER!!!!

Change of State – FuseSchool!

What is specific heat? – FuseSchool!

Crash Course Engineering #14 – Heat Transfer!!

Crash Course Physics #20 –  What is Temperature?

Crash Course Physics #21 –  Kinetic Theory and Phase Changes

Crash Course Physics #22 – The Physics of Heat – Don’t worry, it’s rated G, lol

Crash Course Physics #23 – Thermodynamics      #heatflow

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This ain't you're average classroom!

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