Plate Tectonics

Is the ground shaking?

Do you feel that?

Oh, never mind. We live in Florida. We  got hurrucanes and thunderstorms galore, but no “earth shaking” events.

Why is that? It all starts with the Layers of the Earth, so….

Have a seat in the front row, and you’ll find out!

First, a truly “elementary” introduction to the Layers of the Earth:

Dr. Bonics, “Elementary” Intro to Plate Tectonics!!!

What is Pamgaea and Plate Tectonics?

Can I dig through the Earth?

WHY do we have layers? Such a good and clear video, watch it!!!!

What do you think the Earth’s Interior is?

Earth’s Layers, and more…much more. Great visuals in this one!!!!

Before Plate Tectonics, there was Alfred Wegener and Continental Drift:

Crash Course #19 – The Plate Tectonics Revolution!!

Crash Course Geography #20 – How does the Earth create different landforms?

Crash Course Geography #21 – What are Volcanoes?

Layers, and the ones on top move…this means you! Check this out:

The GREATEST EVER intro to Plate Tectonics:

Like, the WHOLE story, Plate Tectonics – Theory Lesson!!!

EVIDENCE of Plate Motion, from PBS!

So, why is it HOT underground and Mr. Kelvin….not Kevin.

Earth’s Plates : Past, Present, and in the Future….far in the future!!!!

How the Himalayas came to be…VERY cool/short animation!!! – Mountains = CONVERGENT Boundary

And a “SPED UP” animation of the Himalayas forming.

How deep is Mariana Trench? – Deep Ocean Trench = CONVERGENT + Subduction

OLD SCHOOL VID ALERT : How Mariana Trench Formed!!!!

VERY CLEAR video showing all the things that occur at Plate Boundaries… “ALL THE THINGS”, lol

(FOCUS on the words and visuals, the animations are AWESOME!)

Yellowstone : One of the most beautiful and craziest places on planet Earth.

AFRICA is Breaking Apart – DIVERGENT BOUNDARY – The Red Sea is also turning (slowly) into an Ocean!!!!

Iceland is RIPPPING IN HALF TOO!!!! – DIVERGENT Boundary on LAND and in the OCEAN!!!

The Earthquakes, Coastal Trench, and Mountains of Western South America…strange video, but GREAT visuals…

Pangea (or Pangaea) Evidence, from KHAN ACADEMY = awesome!

KHAN Academy – Layers of the Earth – Pt 1

KHAN Academy – Structure of the Earth – Pt. 2

KHAN Academy – How we know the Earth’s Core

KHAN Academy – Plate Tectonics –  Evidence of Plate Movement

KHAN Academy – DIVERGENT Plate Boundaries!!!!

KHAN Academy – CONVERGENT Plate Boundaries!!!!

KHAN Academy – PLATES MOVING from Convection

KHAN Academy – Hawaiin Islands Formation – It’s from Plate Motion and HOT SPOTS….

Quick Tour of Yellowstone National Park by Nat Geo:

Yellowstone National Park -One of the most beautiful and craziest places on Earth,…

After we watch “SuperVolcano” the Movie…

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